Seger Apartments (permanently closed)

Apartment regulations

 Before you leave the apartment please check that the awning is pulled up. In Makarska storm winds can pull in without any pre-warning. The high mountains behind the apartment speed up the wind speed considerably. The wind is called “Bura” and can be up to 200 km/h (55 m/s). 
If you forget to pull up the awning, and you are on the beach, the awning will break before you have a chance to save it.

#2 For easier acclimatization to the heat outside, please do not set the air conditioning lower than 24°C. Namely please do not set the air conditioning lower than 4-6°C lower than the outdoor temperature.

#3 Please close all doors, especially the balcony door, if the air conditioning is on.

#4 Saving the environment and save power, please turn off the air conditioner when you are leaving the apartment during the day.

#5 If something does not work or has broken, let us know, so we can replace it for the next tenant. 

The cost for normal wear and tear is on us. Examples: 1-2 broken glasses or broken plates.

Excessive wear and tear is on the cost of the tenant. Examples: Awning destroyed due to high wind speeds

By pressing the button Accept below you have read, understood and accepting the Family Segers “Apartment regulations” as above: